Invited Session

Technical papers on the aspects related to (but not limited to) those in the topics of interest are invited for oral presentation. The program committee encourages the submission of invited sessions with at least five manuscripts on a well-defined subject of current interest. If you are interested in this, please fill the form to apply invited session. All papers in invited sessions will be subject to review and assessment by the Program committee.


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(IV1) Applications of Smart Power Converter, Renewable Energy Management, Digital Design System and Communication System
Session description
This session is for invited paper only. All papers should be closely relating to the topics as follows:
1. Advanced power converters
2. Digital design system
3. Communication system
4. Renewable power processing
5. Switching power supply at IoT-system applications
6. Consumer electronics
7.Smart power processors
8. Applications of sensor, communication, and network
9. Industrial electronics
10. Current trends of communication, power processing and energy management
Session Chairman
Prof. Chih-Lung Shen and Prof. Yu-Shan Liang
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Invited Papers Only